PPC Hero Sightings From Around the Blogosphere! Check Out Our Recent Apperances!

By Joseph Kerschbaum | @@JoeKerschbaum

The elusive PPC Hero has been spotted in several places around the blogosphere here lately. The PPC Hero team has three great news items to share with everyone!

We have been long-time readers of Website Magazine and recently, we’ve been asked to contribute to this very fine publication! Our most recent article, Developing the Right PPC Bidding Strategy, was published in the November edition, and you can also find the article online at their website. Also, don’t forget to sign up for a subscription to the print edition… it’s free!

Recently, PPC Hero was also a guest speaker on PPC Rockstars, hosted by Dave Szetela of Clix Marketing. This is one of the premiere pay-per-click Podcasts and we were honored to have a team member (John!) on  the show. You can check out the entire podcast here!

Also, PPC Hero made the Winning the Web’s IM Top Blogs List! Winning the Web’s IM Top Blog list is the ultimate ranked list of the best Internet marketing blogs in the industry. Yeah! We just want to say it’s an honor to be on the list and we won’t let you down!

We’ll keep workin’ hard here at PPC Hero to bring you the best & latest in PPC management, strategy, and industry information!

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