While consumers will still be buying Christmas presents this year as normal, they will be a little more picky about what they’re buying, how much they’re paying, and where they’re buying.

So far this week we’ve learned about earning extra revenue by advertising via shopping search engines, and how to maximize your ROI by shopping cycle bidding strategies.  As day three in our holiday series, I’m going to go over how to generate even more seasonal sales by using a gift finder landing page and keywords.

When it comes to buying Christmas presents consumers need ideas. They need to find items that are in their price range, and they need to find these items quickly.

For an e-commerce site, the best thing to do on your site during the holidays is design a gift finder landing page.  A gift finder landing page will immediately allow customers to find gifts by gender, by price and by category.  This is a smart way to guide people along the way by giving them choices that they can easily select from and begin shopping.  When it comes to converting traffic to your site, one universal marketing truth holds true: you need to flat out tell consumers what to do and where to go on your site. Don’t leave it up to them to navigate their way around.  A gift finder landing page is the key to this strategy.

Without going overboard by making too many options, create your gift finder landing page first by gender.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Little Girls
  • Little Boys
  • Teen Boy
  • Teen Girl

Whatever best describes your product is what you should list.  Then you can allow consumers to narrow down their search by price.

  • Gifts under $25
  • Gifts under $50
  • Gifts under $100

At this point, depending on your product or service, you can add specific categories to your page.

  • For the Home
  • For the Office
  • For the Kitchen
  • For the Chef
  • For the traveler

Now that you have these categories on your gift finder landing page, you can add keywords into your PPC campaign that will to take users to the individual categories.  I have keywords in my account during the holidays for “gifts under $25,” “gifts under $50”, “gifts for her”, “gifts for him”, etc. and these worked really well for me last year. I’m expecting them to work the same this year.  Then in your PPC ad text you can literally have your headline be the same as your keywords, “Shop Gifts for Her”.

Gift finder landing pages are a smart strategy because they direct people to the most relevant products on your site.  They allow people to pick and choose specific areas they need whether its gender based, price based, or category based; it’s all right there an organized neatly which makes shopping easy and quick.