Yesterday, we held the 2018 PPC Hero Summit – a 3 hour online digital event featuring the writers behind PPC Hero. If you missed it, you can find it on demand here.

We held a couple of contests leading up to and during the Summit. The first contest was to see who could pull in the most sign-ups for the Summit via a unique tracking link to win a free pass to Hero Conf Austin. The second contest was to see who could post the best PPC joke on the #ppcherosummit during the event to win a PPC Nerd t-shirt.

So, without further ado, THE WINNERS ARE…….

The Most Sign-Ups

Congrats to Tamara Sullivan for bringing in the most sign-ups to the PPC Hero Summit! She’s getting a free pass to Hero Conf Austin, where she’ll be able to see and meet up with some of the speakers from the Summit (Jeff Allen, Brad Geddes, Carrie Albright, Fred Vallaeys, and Michael Knight) and mingle with other PPC Nerds during valuable sessions and at the variety of networking events.

The Best PPC Joke

Congrats to Kelsey Schriver for sharing the best PPC joke on the hashtag #ppcherosummit.

She’ll be getting a PPC Nerd t-shirt, just like all the presenters wore during the Summit.


Congrats to you both and thanks everyone for your participation in the PPC Hero Summit!