It’s that time of year again that all Search Marketing professionals wait in anticipation for, Search Marketing Madness! Last year, PPC Prospector came out on top and won a Kindle 3G. Will they be able to defend the title?

How It Works

Sixty-four Search Marketing blogs will compete in one of four “regions” of expertise: PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Blogging. The 16 teams in each region will battle it out for a spot in the Final Four and eventually one will be named the overall Search Marketing Madness champion!

Voting will take place in 6 rounds, right on the PPC Hero website. Your votes will determine which sites make it to the next round until we have arrived at one, ultimate Search Marketing blog as chosen by our readers. The winner will receive a $200 Amazon gift card and the remaining Final Four contestants will get a $50 gift card each.

Round Break Down

Round 1 (March 5th-11th)We at PPC Hero read a lot of great SEM blogs regularly, but we need your help in filling the brackets. To nominate a SEM blog, send a tweet with the name of the site to @PPCHero with the hashtag #SMM or comment below. All submission must be received by EOD on March 11th.

Round 2 (March 15th-18th)Vote for your top 8 blogs in each four regions on PPCHero.com. The 8 sites with the most votes will move on to round 3.

Round 3 (March 19th-21st)Vote for your top 4 blogs in each region. The 4 sites with the most votes will move forward to The Sweet 16.

Round 4 (March 22nd-25th)Vote for your favorite 2 blogs in each region. The top 2 sites will move forward to the Elite 8.

Round 5 (March 26th-28th)Vote for your favorite blogs to become regional champs! The top blogs will move on to compete in the Final Four.

Round 6 (March 29th- April 1st)Vote for your top 2 blogs to go head to head in the final championship round of competition.

Round 7 (April 2nd-3rd)The two greatest SEM blogs as determined by you will compete for the title of Search Marketing Madness Champion and receive a $200 Amazon giftcard.

Start nominating your favorite sites now! Nominations will be open until March 11th.