Like a great musicians who provide inspiration through their music, we strive here at PPC Hero to provide the best and most valuable articles to help paid search managers take their accounts to soaring new heights. Whether you’re a new reader or a long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC management tips over the past several months from December, January and February.  So rock on account managers as these are our Top Five Greatest Hits!  Read and enjoy!


Ever get stuck in a rut in one of your PPC accounts? Need some new and fresh ideas?  Check out Jeff’s post on 145 PPC Must Dos for 2012.  This fantastic list ranges from using social media sites for producing good leads to testing publishing prices in your paid search ads.  Even if you could implement 5 things a month with this list!  Make the time to read through this article.  Your stale PPC account and your clients will thank you!


To go along with the 145 tips and tricks that Jeff has provided, perhaps you need a great PPC Task Checklist for Account Success. We would be lost with out daily checklists here at Hanapin Marketing and value anything that will help keep us on the right track for success!  This list includes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly tasks to help you improve your account’s performance as well as improve your own accountability.  Read this article for a downloadable copy of Bethany’s checklist to get you started.


Are you a certified PPC Manager yet?  No?  Well, let us help you!  Bethany gives you a step-by-step guide to helping you Pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam.  Review how to study, how to access the exam, as well as 5 great tips for taking the exam.  Becoming certified in AdWords is an important step in your PPC career.  Read this article as a first step to putting that feather in your cap!


You can’t fear mistakes when you manage a PPC account.” Good advice from our seasoned PPC veteran, Jeff.  He takes a stab at 4 PPC Mistakes that Kill Your Career by giving tips on how to be a creative account manager who goes above and beyond for their client.  Know how to fully examine your account for not only problems, but opportunities as well.  Jeff gives hints on how to speak to your clients to make the most out of your relationships as well as not just relying on your basic skills to help your accounts.


Google came out with some really cool things in 2011, one of them being Multi-Channel Funnels for analytics.  Of course, PPC Hero really digs this great tool and explains all in our Guide To Google’s Multi-Channel Funnels for PPC Managers.  Learn how Multi-Channel Funnels can help you decipher which marketing channels are assisting your PPC efforts as well as how PPC is assisting other marketing efforts.   Get the basics, how to run and utilize reports, as well as how you can set specific channel groupings.  The best part of our guide explains how you can improve your PPC performance by using MCF and move the needle for your clients. Don’t miss out on how to use this important marketing tool!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading PPC Hero over the past few months.  We love giving you the most up to date news and information about PPC.  If you want to meet your PPC Heroes in person, take a trip to Indianapolis in April and attend Hero Conf!  Today (3/9/12) is the last day for our Early Bird registration special!!!! For more information about our First Annual Paid Search Conference, visit  Thanks for reading!