Google has recently released a re-imagining of classic ad campaigns through the lens of marketing on the Display Network.  They’ve reassembled the creative teams responsible for much ballyhooed ads for Coke, Avis, Alka-Seltzer and Volvo, and while the new campaigns sometimes stretch the capabilities of the Display Network to points beyond mere SEM’ers capabilities (display ads leading to Cokes being dispensed from machines all over the world), the end results are pretty cool to watch.  We’re talking goose bumps, here, people.

According to the post, this year Internet advertising turns 18.   Google’s “Project Re: Brief” celebrates the current state of marketing and connects it to advertising’s past as a whole.  Coupled with the Season Five premier of Mad Men being only two weeks away, now is the perfect time to look back at where we came from.

PPC Hero’s past has been discussed in some parts, but what about the story before our story?  Our founder has been at the cutting edge of technology since birth.  To wit: an early edition of his monthly newsletter back when he was in phone marketing.

This week we unearthed issue #6 of “Phone-y Baloney,” penned entirely by Pat.  Even though he was a young man, the issue shows the foresight that keeps PPC Hero at the front of the industry.  Our trademark color scheme is already in place, as is our dedication to segmentation by device.  Some of the points in this pamphlet were proved untrue, but the spirit of the pamphlet remains loyal to the current state of the blog.

Please, enjoy a bit of our history and take a look at what Google has put together.  It’s nice every so often to pull our heads out of the data and remind ourselves that there’s the tiniest bit of art in what we do.

Pat East's First Publication on the Cutting Edge of Marketing