The purpose of August’s webinar is to set the record straight.

There are a lot of myths in PPC. These come about from someone finding a specific strategy worked for their specific account and writing a blog article about it, from Google deciding something is a great idea and spreading it to the masses, or just from misconceptions about stuff that we’ve never even actually tried. For example, we’ve met a lot of novice PPC managers that are intimidated by making custom Analytics reports. They’ve bought into the myth that building custom reports is complicated because they haven’t tried it out. Well, we’ll bust that myth by showing you how easy it can be, and walk you step-by-step through building a brand new one. This and nine more PPC myths will be totally busted!

What you can expect to get out of this session:
–    Helpful information around topics that have some misconceptions about them.
–    Guided walk-throughs of how to bust some myths yourself, like Analytics custom reports.
–    An opportunity to ask questions about PPC myths you didn’t hear get busted!

Join us on Thursday, August 23. 12-1pm EDT
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