So, we hear people talk about mobile all the time. I mean, ALL THE TIME. But we always hear that tablet can just be left in with desktop. Poor little tablet. He feels so left out.

Cheer up, little guy, I’m here to bust this myth!! Of course, I can’t tell you that this is the case for every single account, but in my accounts I’ve seen a difference between desktop and tablet that warrants breaking it out to control bids on each device separately.

To me, this makes a lot of sense because people use tablets in different ways than they use desktops and laptops. They’re more likely to be on the move and more casual. Like at a restaurant, lounging on their couch or in bed. Desktops are used a lot for work purposes, so you might be targeting someone more likely to be on break at work with desktop traffic.

So, since this is pretty much a put your money where your mouth is sort of myth bustin’, here’s the client example!

First, segment your traffic in Analytics for mobile and tablet.

Then, subtract tablet and mobile from all traffic to get desktop figures.

You can see the account’s highest conversion rates from tablet!! It would be well worth my time to split tablet out to its own campaigns to bid up to higher positions since the higher conversion rate would allow that, as my main focus for this account is volume.

What have you seen in your accounts? Is your data similar?

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