Category: Account Settings

Who Owns Your PPC Ads Account?

As an agency, we run into situations all the times where we have to rebuild the client's account because the previous agency is unable or unwilling to release their account. If your account is currently being managed by an agency or someone else, it would be...

[Re]Evaluating & [Re]Structuring

Explore a few things to look out for when restructuring a campaign to ensure that it is running properly and funds are being allocated efficiently.

How To Use AdWords Geographic Data Reports

AdWords geographic reports provide performance data by location. This data is vital to identifying efficiencies and growth opportunities. In this article we will cover the three main rebuilt reports in AdWords and cover their uses.

The 5 Stages Of PPC Account Restructuring

Knowing the symptoms, root cause, and steps to address each stage can go a long way towards eliminating stress and maximizing results during a full account restructure.


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