PPC News Round Up for April 24, 2009

  • How long does it take you to design a landing pages? According to Justin to Post-Click Marketing Blog, if you spend more than 7 hours designing a landing page, you’re invested too much time. Once you’ve put that much time into a landing page, it’s no longer egile and it’s can be changed rapidly for testing. What can slow you down? Graphics. Lesson: make your landing pages nimble.
  • There isn’t much talk about PPC black hat tactics. The tactics discussed in this article aren’t as deceptive as SEO black hat, but they do draw their power from the dark side. We don’t engage in these tactics but we just thought we’d bring them to your attention. Remember, don’t be evil.
  • Search Engine Land has a post about the new data the Google keyword tool is providing. Now they’re giving users results based on local search and global search volume. Since the global search volume encompasses all countries, Barry and others found that the search volume for global was lower than local almost a majority of the time which doesn’t really make much sense.
  • Paid search will grow says Gaurav Kohli who posted on SEOmoz when discussing the future of search.  He says paid search will develop into a much broader advertising medium and audio/visual and display ads will also rise.
  • Microsoft is trying to grow their number of beta testers for pubCenter. Some have said that this is a key milestone for pubCenter. I couldn’t agree more. The importance of beta testing, getting user feedback, and making improvements based on that feedback is invaluable and will only help Microsoft deliver a better more intuitive product to us.
  • Still annoyed by the appearance of the new Adwords interface?  I hate change too and wish computers had never been invented and we still thought the earth was flat. But every time I’m in Adwords I find some useful feature I didn’t know was available, so it’s probably time to stop complaining. And read Inside Adwords “New Interface Thursdays” series.
  • ClickEquations ran a whole series about Quality Score this week. We’re missing chapter 2 in the series on the blog, apparently for legal reasons (sort of intriguing), but this is an interesting Quality Score overview and besides, the ebook they’re offering in conjunction with this blog series is free, so maybe we should get it.

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