Happy Friday everyone … More importantly, happy May! I hope that all these April showers are over and the May flowers are upon us. That might be an Indiana saying, as I doubt if you’re in Florida you’ve ever heard of these ‘seasons’. I digress, and I move on to this weeks roundup.

  • Writing ads can always be a challenge. What do you focus on? How do you word your messages? Does it make your ad stand out against the (ever-growing) competition? ShoeMoney has a message for you: Sell your benefits, not your features!
  • If you had an issue with Google Analytics not showing proper Content Data reports at times, take notice – they’re fixed. Search Engine Roundtable has the details.
  • We all know that one of the less glamorous features of the job is writing copy for your clients – more specifically, product descriptions *shudders*. In all seriousness, this is a key component to your SEO (you all do it, don’t lie) efforts. Portent Interactive has some tips to help you avoid going crazy.
  • Swine Flu! Bacon! Pig Pandemics! Hey, what do ya know, people are taking advantage of the pork popularity and targeting Swine Flu related keywords for PPC.  Gordon Choi has the scoop.
  • A couple weeks ago, we noted part two of Analytics and AdWords tips and tricks from the AdWords blog. Well, here’s part three and part four.
  • Facebook looks like it is going to use Facebook Connect to build an ad network for participating sites, according to WebProNews. Makes sense, as Connect continues to gain steam and popularity.
  • Avinash Kaushik gives us the details on visitors and analytics. Read on, as his insights are of great help when digging around your various analytics tools.