Getting searchers to click on your ad is really only half the battle, because you don’t want to lose them as soon as they reach your landing page. This post from Search Engine Land shows how you can use Google Analytics bounce rate metrics to help identify the landing pages that are associated with your keywords, and optimize them.

As part of the “PPC Academy” series, Search Engine Land reminds us to utilize web analytics to get hints on how users are finding you and what keywords you should be using. Your website’s own search engine could prove to be a goldmine for keywords.

Working on your list of keywords, new ads and all the optimizations in between? I think it’s often easy to forget that you’re actually having a dialogue with who you’re marketing to. So be fun, original and even daring. Of course there are the top 10 lists of proven tips that guarantee your conversion rate… just add an exclamation point to your call to action!  However if you’d like to run a real PPC campaign, one that’s engaging, and covers new ground no one’s ever thought of before, try speaking your customer’s language.

Search Engine Watch has a fun-titled post this week called, Paid Search Freakonomics: Finding and Ostracizing Losers. The post looks at ways you can pick out the winners and losers in your campaigns. Some of the tip topics include: internal benchmarks, comparing to potential performance, asking what’s changed, and spotting trends.