I don’t know if it’s my love of fun pictures of my love of good ideas, but I enjoy this post from Mike Fleming on Search Engine Guide about the possibility that lies in your broad match keywords. He’s right- treated properly, broad match keywords can be like a gold mine for excellent longer-tail keywords you can add to your account that you may not have caught on your original keyword-seeking journey. But the key here was “treated properly”, so please read for Mike’s advice on how to get the value out of these keywords without damaging your bank account.

As an agency that works with Google, we were super happy to hear about the three latest updates that will help us with our Adwords accounts. This post on Search Engine Watch reviews the benefits of the latest signs of love from Google which were new training programs, a directory of certified agencies, and a new API pricing model.

Out of new keyword ideas for an account? Search Engine Land’s Brad Geddes suggest some tools you can use to dig up keyword ideas to continue expanding your account including Microsoft adCenter labs search funnels and the thesaurus. So the next time you’re looking for some keyword inspiration you know where to look.

As Google continues to expand its mobile reach we’ll be seeing regular updates on new feature. One of the latest features this week is New Place Pages for Mobile. The feature is still as handy and useful as the computer based Place Pages – just now available on your phone.