PPC News Roundup for April 13, 2007

By Joseph Kerschbaum | @@JoeKerschbaum
  • This article from Search Insider details Google’s value. Whether you like it or not, the truth is that Google’s efforts to find new and innovative ways to monetize the world’s information is just something we all need to get used to.
  • It’s a good idea to keep on your competitors. Heidi Cohen over at Clickz Expertsdiscusses some details on monitoring your competition and some best practices for generating the most useful results.
  • Google just released new reports on their content network, which gives advertisers detailed information on how specific websites are performing. Advertisers can then remove those that aren’t working well, improving their ROI. Overall, this move allows more companies to advertise via the content network. No more excuses that the content network gives a bad ROI!

  • A good overview of the shopping search engines and tactics to improve your campaigns (or start them!). Lots of basic but smart tips like “learn to love your feeds,” start with the high margin items, finding hidden costs, and in general, how to navigate the landscape. Good for beginners and pros.

  • A summary of the session at SES on auditing paid search listings and click fraud. It’s interesting to note two things. Compared to last year, there’s much less discussion of “click fraud is rampant” and “it’s ruining online advertising.” More people are now just looking at the ROI of specific keywords and campaigns and adjusting appropriately. The biggest click fraud killer – companies who actually manage their accounts based on ROI!

  • Yahoo introduces new resource to publicize its click fraud efforts.

  • Compare analytics products from one easy resource.

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