PPC News Roundup for April 16, 2008

  • Can your landing page copy have too much urgency? Can you scare unqualified traffic with urgent calls-to-action? According to an article posted at PPC-Advice, this very well could be the case. Their hypothesis is that your audience may not be to be told “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” if they want more time to read your copy, and make their own decision. I think a blend could be developed of providing great copy to those users who choose to read, and an unmistakable call-to-action to those are ready to act now!
  • If you’re a paid search marketer, you’re a direct response marketer, and you have something to learn from marketing strategies of roaring 1920s – at least according to Alan Rimm-Kaufman’s article at Search Engine Land. What can we learn from those guys back in the 20s? Here is a short summary: 1. your trumps everything; 2. your offer trumps your copy; 3. response lists trump demographic lists. What does all of this mean? Read Alan’s article and to find out. Very interesting stuff.
  • Shimon Sandler writes about Keyword Segments within the Conversion Funnel; how and what these keywords look like and what they’re used for. Awareness, Consideration and Purchasing are the basic elements.
  • Content ads with positions of 5 or lower may begin to generate more impressions and clicks.  AdSense ad units now have a previous/next button so that users can scroll through ads.  This will be a development worth keeping an eye on.
  • Learn about PPC success from 1930’s direct mail?  That’s exactly what a recent article on SE Land had to say.  It’s a great read, and an even better reminder that some of the best marketing tactics have been around a long time!
  • The buzz at the end of last week was that Yahoo! is going to run a limited test of Google ads!  Very strange indeed.  The official word is that this “test” will only last 2 weeks.  It begs the question, will these be considered Content Network or Search Network ads?

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