PPC News Roundup for April 20, 2007

  • While we have yet to test out Google’s Website Optimizer in-house, it is great to see other advertisers’ test results. This basic test showed that by increasing relevant text on the landing page, the conversion rate increased by over 20%!
  • Despite each company claiming not to be in competition with each other, PayPal raises the stakes against Google Checkout once again. PayPal has joined forces with Yahoo! to place icons with paid search listings.
  • Industry analysts over predicted Yahoo!’s first quarter stock prices, mostly due to CEO Terry Semel’s optimistic comments. Everyone was expecting Panama to be a ‘smoking gun,’ but has it really had enough time to start firing?
  • This post from thegooglecache has some good points on the new features Google is coming up with to make sure Yahoo! stays on the bottom.

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