PPC News Roundup for April 23, 2008

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • Often we discuss the pre-click strategy (your keywords, ad texts), and post-click strategy (landing pages, websites). However, we haven’t discussed the post-conversion strategy. What do you do with users after they have actually taken the requested action on your site? You get them to make another one! Vishen at MindValey Labs has posted a good article, “The Dead End Thank You Page,” on this topic.
  • Every year click fraud becomes more extinct. Yahoo’s Click Protection System identifies invalid clicks and removes them from your account. Yesterday, they announced a new tool called the Click Filter Report that will give you visibility as to how many clicks they are actually throwing out. This is a good step for Yahoo: greater visibility is always a good step!
  • The guys at ClearSaleing pose the question, “How do I know when to increase my max CPC on search engines?” While some rely on CPA to determine if increasing your CPC is worth it, ClearSaleing suggests you should focus on getting higher profits. If you’re not increasing your profits, then it’s probably not worth it. If you can’t decide for yourself, take a look at their testing on various clients to see the outcome!
  • Love the content network but wish you could make it work better? The people over at KoMarketing are talking about the tool in Google Adwords that can allow you to exclude parked domains and error page ads. By excluding these kind of pages you can improve where your ads are being displayed on the content network and filter out any bad traffic.

The Latest PPC Updates to Catapult Campaigns in 2019

In this webinar, Hanapin’s Kelly Pollock and Optmyzr’s Fred Vallaeys will point out which updates have made (and will make) a major impact on digital marketers, and what we should be preparing ourselves for as we fly into 2019.


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