PPC Blog Roundup for April 3, 2008

  • Jennifer Slegg reminds us in this post that CTR isn’t always the most important PPC metric to track. Conversions are extremely important, and putting a price in your ad text is a good way to pre-qualify your traffic and increase conversion rates.
  • Dear Adwords… I wish every PPC blog post started this way! Jeremy Mays at PPC Discussions wrote this open letter to AdWords requesting that the Quality Score column be enabled by default and that advertisers NOT be opted into the Content Network automatically.
  • Could your PPC ad copy get you sued? Probably not. But you need to be careful when advertising for trademarked terms, especially when these terms belong to your competitors. Brad Geddes has posted a thorough article about a lawsuit involving ad text and copyright terms. He gives good advice on protecting your copyright, and here’s article that will help you play fair, while competing on trademark terms.
  • One of the “buzz” terms running around these days is ‘online reputation management.’ So, how exactly do you manage our reputation? Isn’t that something that other people label you with? Not exactly. Chrysi Philalithes has published an interesting article at Search Insider that gives you some tips as to how to manage your online reputation.

The Rise of The No-Click Search Results

Searching for answers and data has never been easier thanks to the help of search engines. Here we’ll discuss the effect that no-click cost is having on ppc, including the growing popularity of voice search.

How to Drive Calls that Actually Convert

Our experts are here to explain how gaining call tracking data can help you close the gap in your customer journey and tailor their experience so they actually convert.