The future of advertising will soon arrive (in Q3, 2008)! At least according to Yahoo. Recently, Yahoo announced AMP, a new advertising platform that will revolutionize my life and yours (according to Yahoo). Right now, the video they have posted to the site is geared toward publishers, and not advertisers. Is AMP going to be available on both sides of the coin? If AMP isn’t going to be Yahoo’s answer to AdWords Editor, then they need to get one soon!

When writing your PPC ad copy you are always looking to highlight your UPS: unique selling proposition. Kenneth at Mind Valley Labs has written an obiturary for the UPS as every market continues to get more and more saturated with competition and competitive marketing messages. But he has proposed a new to appeal to customers: UEP – unique emotional proposition. I have a few clients for which this could be very appropriate!

The Google Quality Score vs. The Human Quality Score: let the debate begin, or continue! Actually, this is a very good post from Scott at No More Landing Pages. The core idea of this article is that you need to design landing pages for humans, the people who are actually going to your site – and not for the Quality Score. What it comes down to is design your landing pages for your customers, plain and simple.

The big news this week is that Yahoo! has purchased the analytics software company behind IndexTools. If some of the rumors are true, it would be nice to get another free tracking option to pair with Google Analytics.

Jeff Hudson over at The PPC Book posted today about a call tracking service in Google AdWords. Wha-wha-what??? I haven’t seen this in my accounts yet, but I promise you I’ve already sent an email to my AdWords rep! Call tracking is a great way to track offline customer response, and a free option would be spectacular.

The adCenter Community blog does a nice job of explaining why and how you should target non-brand keywords in your PPC account. This post is for advertisers who have either zero brand equity or have already tapped out all possible brand keyword variations.