PPC News Roundup for August 13, 2008

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • Is the Google Quality Score really killing your keywords? If you seem to think so then check out Brad Geddes post on Search Engine Land. Brad gives you five steps on how to determine exactly what the problem is concerning quality score, then he goes into his recommendations on how to fix the problem.
  • Jeremy Mays from PPC Discussionshas a post on the new Google content network features coming out soon. Some of the features include a frequency capping that allows you to control how many times a user sees your ad within a certain period of time. Pretty cool stuff!
  • A few news sources have broadcast that Google will be enhancing their content network distribution. A large numberof PPC managers steer clear of the content network but we feel that if you manage your content campaign smartly, you can generate great results! These changes will be giving you even more tools to be even more successful on the Google content network.
  • The quest for higher converting landing pages never ends. We are alwayslooking for new ways to test our conversion rate to see where new opportunities may be hiding. Anna at Post-Click Marketing Blog suggests using rich media on your landing pages. Obviously, her suggestion isn’t for everyone, but it could be worth considering.
  • Google declares bankruptcy! Well, okay maybe. This is an entertaining piece of speculative search marketing fiction. But, obviously, Rimm Kaufmann is using satire to present his opinion about the Google AdWords Quality Score.
  • You’ve heard the term “Keep it Simple, Stupid”, haven’t you? It’s easy to get caught up in cool landing page design elements and forget how going too far can affect not only load time but quality score, too. This article, featured in Web Marketing Today, reminds us to keep landing pages small, simple and static. Result? Improve your quality score and stretch your marketing dollars even further.
  • If you like taking a dive into the uber-statistical, there’s a great post at the Rimm-Kaufman blog how spending more money on PPC doesn’t always bring proportionate value (diminishing returns, etc.). Take the time to reallyread this article and examine the graphs, it’s well worth the effort.
  • “Nurture your own culture of experimentation and enjoy the results.” In the Post Click Marketing Blog universe, this means experimenting by adding social elements to B2B lead generation. My favorite ideas came from the section on whitepapers. First, they recommend trying emailing the whitepaper as opposed to offering up a download. Secondly, they recommend including links or buttons in the PDF so that readers have the opportunity to come to your site and become an active participant in blogs or forums and inch them ever closer to a sale.

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