PPC News Roundup for August 27, 2008

  • Haven’t heard about the new updates on Google AdWords content network yet? Joseph Vivola has a nice post on what the updates and new features are, and what it will mean to advertisers.
  • Check out the new version of Google checkout on search engine land.  Apparently Google is testing this new version which allows you to put promotional offers in the actual badge versus the original badge.
  • You’ve probably been wondering how search marketing analysts feel about sports analysts. Or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, Greg over at SEM Geek has written an insightful post about what search analysts can learn from sports broadcasters. The over arching theme, you can’t judge your business on a single statistic and you need to maintain a steady performance.
  • Is Google AdWords downgrading “great” quality scores to “ok” quality scores? This is something to look out for within your PPC campaigns. You can check out the information over at Seach Engine Round Table.
  • If you’re saving reports in Google AdWords Report Center and some of those reports are 6 months old or older, beware! Nathania Johnson at SearchEngineWatch.com tells us that reports dated March 2, 2008 or older will be automatically deleted by Google. She reminds us that the data itself won’t be gone, just our saved reports. If you’ve got reports you want to keep, better export them to Excel now!
  • Here’s a chance to win full conference tickets to the upcoming PPC Summit in Los Angeles. Just submit the Top 3 Search Engine Marketing techniques that increased your conversions and results here: http://www.ppcsummit.com/contest.php for your chance to win.

A Reminder About Work-Life Balance

Proper Work-Life Balance Is Something Easily Forgotten. Here Is A Reminder That It's Okay To Have A Life Outside Of Work & Constantly Checking Performance.