PPC News Roundup for August 29, 2007

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • On Search Engine Roundtable some posts in a forum a question on whether to allow costs of products and/or services in your ad text to qualify traffic? I think it’s a great question and as stated in the post, many people believe it is not best practice to do this, because you could be weeding out potentially good traffic, but I believe it would help a client if they had a minimal budget and needed nothing but quality traffic coming through.
  • Redfly Marketing asks, “Do You Make These 12 AdWords Mistakes?” This is a list of common pratfalls that novice and expert advertisers should all take a look at. Whether its concerning landing pages, incorrect bidding strategies or quality score misunderstandings – every PPC manager can find something on this list they should work on improving!
  • Yahoo has been making strides with their new interface as they continue improve its ease of use, available information, reporting functions, and they just released new additions and upgrades. The ad copy functions will be extremely helpful as that is still one area where the interface could use some facelifts.
  • Should you mention pricing within your PPC ad texts? There has been some discussion on the topic recently. I think this method can vary in its effectiveness from industry to industry. If you have absolutely amazing prices and your competition can’t touch you, and your audience will be able to recognize this difference, then it could be worth mentioning.
  • We always like to hear about enhancements from our top 3 search engines. Over at Search Engine Land they talk about Yahoo! Panama enhancements like: Ad copy updates, interface updates, low quality index alerts and the new pay pal payment options. Ad copy updates include changes to the ad testing in the interface that will allow advertisers to see all ad copy in one place. Advertisers can also view the performance of their ads against one another with a single click. As far as interface updates instead of clicking on ‘status update’ then clicking on or off you can just pause or delete a campaign. And now advertisers will apparently be notified with ad quality is low.

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