PPC News Roundup for December 12th, 2008

The holiday season is quickly approaching. As I am still in Grad School (done in May, whew!), I have the pleasure of taking a two week break to visit my family and vacation. I hope the rest of you enjoy the holidays as well. Here’s the roundup for this week.

  • Scott Brinker over at the Post-Click Marketing blog has written a very interesting article on search marketing continuity. The essence of search marketing continuity is that continuity is a function of expectations, implicit and explicit combined.
  • Monopolies are bad in general. However, Rand at SEO Moz has broken down why a monopoly is particularly bad for the search marketing industry. This is a cautionary tale because as much as we love Google, they shouldn’t be the only choice for search marketers to generate great results.
  • The CLM Blog announced 4 tools to cure PPC “timesucks” last week.  These tools are for keyword expansion and can speed up your processes by creating keyword permutations, adding match types and even cleaning up bid and match type indicators from your keywords!
  • Text ad clones. Scary stuff, for sure.  SEMvironment offers helpful advice for differentiating your ads smartly to stand out from your competitors.

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