PPC News Roundup for December 19, 2007

  • Previously in MSN’s adCenter, you had to control your spending through a monthly budget. With a recent set of updates, it is now possible to set both a daily and maximum monthly budget. Thank you MSN!
  • The PPC Blog provided this list of 13 Pay Per Click Myths. This list does a great job of breaking down some of the most common misperceptions, such as: the need to rank #1, the Content Network and Broad Match are bad, and there is only one search engine (Google). This is definitely a must-read.
  • Do you advertise outside of the US? Last week the Search Insider wrote about 3 stepping stones to global B2B search marketing. Their suggestions were to try Google PPC ads to determine effective markets, try using local languages in your ads and finally to break out of the search mold and try regional search engines!
  • Have an e-commerce site and want more revenue? Read Traffick’s post on how a Canadian e-commerce website increases their revenue by ‘oozing’ credibility, having a great selection of products and can get you your order fast!.
  • Adam Green from SeoMoz talks about some new features of Google Adwords and Analytics. Some include but are not limited to new geo-targeting with Google maps and a revised keyword tool that shows the highest volume month for a particular keyword.
  • This is a great post on why you shouldn’t focus on being in top ad positions if you’re a small business competing in the PPC world. Two articles are written about making a profit with high cost-per-click and one with lower cost-per-click.
  • I can’t lie: MSN adCenter is my least favorite PPC interface. It’s not intuitive; the reporting is clunky; and overall it’s inefficient. However, at least they are making their bulk upload feature a bit easier-to-use. If you’re looking to re-vamp or open a new adCenter account, this is a good read.
  • This is a very interesting article from SEMGeek: Why are companies giving up on SEO and forcing PPC? Of course, we focus on paid search, but any successful SEM program will include SEO as well. If you’re struggling with your SEO, this is a necessary read.

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