PPC News Roundup for December 19th, 2008

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • Trying to make your PPC ad copy stand out from the crowd can be a daunting task. Shane at semvironment has written a very insightful article to help you fend off the PPC ad copy zombies. For those of you in a highly competitive PPC landscape, this is some very useful information.
  • This post from Search Engine Land expands past PPC, but it’s a good end-of-the-year check list for all of you marketing managers out there. Here’s to planning ahead for 2009!
  • Are you running Google ads on the iPhone yet? Well, according to David over at Media Post, you should give this some consideration. He lays out a good portrait of iPhone users and why running ads on this device may be beneficial for your SEM campaign.
  • According to Clickz.com, Yahoo! search marketing is slashing their data retention from 13 months to only 90 days. This new rule will apply to search log data, page views, clicks and ad views/clicks.
  • Eliminate the fears that your site visitors have says Stoney deGeyter from searchengineguide.com.  Stoney provides advertisers his tips on improving your site’s ability to sell, sell, sell.  In his tips he lists 10 fears that your site visitors may experience while visiting your site and helpful ways to eliminate those fears.
  • Bg Theory has a post on the new Adwords Editor 7.0 release.  The updates are now showing quality score and first place bid estimates.  Some other new additions are keyword opportunities by location and language and the volume column in the keyword opportunities tab shows last month’s data.

The Latest PPC Updates to Catapult Campaigns in 2019

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