PPC News Roundup for Friday 6/26/2009

  • If you wanna make some display ads for yourself…or your clients, but don’t really have the time, money, expertise: that’s okay! Yahoo is piloting a program that provides templates to help you in creating display ads and displaying them for a minimum of $30/day. Read Yahoo’s take on why you would want to run them, and how to get started.
  • Hey! Apparently this has confused a ton of people, not just me. Good to know. Google’s conversion metrics change in AdWords. Why’d they do that? How does it work? What does it mean! If you can follow along with the many possible conversion scenarios, this post from Chris Compton might clarify things a bit.
  • Microsoft is living large at Cannes Lions Festival this year! Watch Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s presentation on “Living Up To The Promise Of Online Advertising”. He discusses many issues, including the newest addition to the Microsoft family, Bing!
  • What’s the word on the street? Listen to the Google agency experts as they give you their analytics tips from the “streets” of Google!
  • In the last two weeks Bing! increased its paid click share from 8% to 13%. This can have huge implications for how marketers assign their budgets to this search engine. The only question is, can this growth be sustained? Only time will tell.
  • Managing a small business PPC campaign? This means war. Pay-per-click war, that is, and there’s definitely an art form to defining your competition and what you’re up against. Anthony at Marketing Pilgrim discusses tactics, tools, and tips of small guerilla marketing and how you can prepare yourself for the PPC battleground.
  • I’ll do keyword research in exchange for a chicken and some milk? SemGeek talks about how bartering might lend a hand in the tough economic times. The entry continues with reasons on how and when this old fashioned technique might be beneficial for some clients.

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