PPC News Roundup for Friday 7/17/2009

  • Wonder how much you should bid on that new keyword? Over at the Yahoo search marketing blog they’ll tell you which numbers actually matter when determining your keyword bid. They go into cost-per-lead, return on advertising spend and profit.
  • Brad Geddes talks about the new Google trademark policy and find Google is actually following their own rules. Brad goes over the new rules for trademarks and shows a test he did to see if by following their policy would really work by having Google in his ad text.
  • A new beta feature was introduced in AdWords yesterday – the Opportunities tab. Right now, it offers customized budget and keyword ideas for campaigns, and is only available to a small number of US advertisers, but its features and availability should expand in the coming months. It’s a broader take on the Campaign Optimizer tool, and seems like it could be pretty useful. Something to watch, anyway.
  • Marketing Pilgrim highlights new features in Facebook’s ad network. The additions include connection targeting, multiple country targeting, and birthday targeting.
  • This week Copyblogger has started a series about achieving freelance copywriting success- all the posts in the series are very interesting, but their advice about marrying creativity & profit-based motivation in your ads is excellent for anyone working in online advertising and marketing, not just freelance writers.
  • An interesting overview from MediaPost about some eye tracking studies going on involving ads on social media sites, not just traditional search engines.
  • Ron Jones at Search Engine Land discusses the tools available to help manage bids for larger PPC campaigns. Although not always necessary and effective for everyone, bid management tools can have their purpose.
  • Let’s talk about the 7 deadly sins! No, I don’t mean “those sins.” Inside AdWords posted an interesting article recently on the 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design. And actually, it’s not necessarily an article – but rather a webinar that was presented by Tim Ash. Nice!

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