PPC News Roundup for Friday 7/31/2009

By Buki Long | @Hanapin
  • Confused by the overwhelming amount of information on the Yahoo/Microsoft agreement? Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land breaks it down with The Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal, In Simple Terms. It’s a fairly long post, but some good information nonetheless.
  • Matt Cutts has a neat little poll going on Who Came out ahead in the Microsoft-Yahoo deal? With over 1,300 votes, 80% say Microsoft came out ahead and 20% think Yahoo did. Apparently investors agree, and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer doesn’t understand why.
  • Brian Clark from Copyblogger breaks down the types of customer motivation that translate into your ability to appeal to emotion in your sales process. Understand what your customers are trying to achieve, avoid, or completely destroy to understand what they want and need from you.
  • Interactions between paid marketing and advertising and social media keep getting stickier…an interesting post from socialmediatoday about various advertising programs that can be integrated into Twitter applications & more. Not sure how I feel about this yet, but it’s important to know what’s going on. There will always be people who use new methods in beneficial, useful ways, and those who use them to create spammy drivel, so to each his or her own with these new technologies I guess.
  • Got any clients with “Back to School” related products? Jeremy Lamothe of Microsoft has delivered Back to School – Part II, which focuses on creating compelling Back to School ad copy. These additional tips are related specifically to the Back to School season and will prove beneficial to anyone in that arena.
  • Now you can put your trust in the hands of professionals! The new Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network offers an easy way to get help with your campaign performance management. The Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog discusses their new analytics consultant network
  • Greg Meyers at SEM Geek has been posting some exclusive interviews on his blog. One of the interviews is with David Roth, Director of Search Marketing at Yahoo. There some good questions asked here, as well as some good answers!
  • The new Google AdWords bid simulator is rolling out for most advertisers according to Search Engine Roundtable. However, I haven’t seen it appear for any of my clients yet. Have you?
  • The Marketing Experiments blog has posted some helpful tips to cure your ailing tests. Really, this is a post that links to a series of other posts. But that doesn’t matter. The content is still very helpful!

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