PPC News Roundup for Friday 8/14/2009

  • Holy cow that is cool! Google is testing the use of images in PPC advertisements! There’s no description but who needs one when there is a picture? The only information present is the picture, price, brand and link. Very cool for click-through rates.
  • A study over at Bing.com says they’re seeing a 23% increase in ROI in Bing.com over Live search. They claim that Bing’s user interface is likely to be responsible for the lift. However keep in mind this was only a 2 week study. So don’t go shifting your PPC budgets around too soon.
  • Who would have guessed that Google would expand on their product offerings yet again? Actually, I think everyone would have guessed that, but this is just too cool to not mention here. Inside AdWords crew member, Dan Friedman, posted about the new, high quality display ads with display ad builder. The ability to create professional, cohesive display advertising just became easy!
  • As awareness and use of PPC advertising grows, is PPC becoming more like Wal-Mart vs. The Little Guy? I can see the truth in what George Michie is saying; and it’s important to consider your audience and niche when making decisions about your ad messages and if PPC will work for you.
  • Does your ROI for a time period always look better weeks after the fact? For reporting purposes, and for the sake of your clients’ satisfaction, you should understand the importance of using comparable metrics from month to month: otherwise your data won’t make any sense in relation to previous results.
  • It may not always seem like it, but when working with PPC, we kind of have it easy – we can monitor the metrics of our success almost right away. Considering this, there can be a little room for experimentation sometimes – and here are five calculated risks that might help you strengthen your returns from PPC investments.
  • Google AdWords has just put together a resource that’s sure to be very useful: the Search Ads Quality Guide. It features guidance and insight on how quality score affects your ad ranking, how to improve the quality of your ads, and much more.
  • I’m a huge cookie fan, especially chocolate chip, but what about those cookies on your computer? Erik Hanson of Microsoft tells us what publishers and advertisers can learn from cookie records.

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