This week’s roundup brings us some adieu about Match Types. Some discussion within the PPC community has lead to differing views about how they should be incorporated into your accounts.

  • Now, we get the Click Equations perspective on Match Types. Craig Danuloff wrote a four post series on the subject back in June 2008, and recently aggregated them together into a single entity. This comprehensive guide is quite useful.
  • To the three people that are using Google for print newspaper ads, tough luck. Google has officially shut down the Print Ads program. Your ads now have until March 31st until their official swan song. The culprit? A real shocker, a lack of advertiser interest and decline of newspaper readership.
  • In case you haven’t noticed by now, we like Brad Geddes. He is a knowledgeable guy in our industry. This week, he gives us a guide to check your PPC account for broken links. URLs change over time, and your clients may forget to tell you. So, read on!