PPC News Roundup for January 30, 2009

Greetings PPC Hero readers! We are recovering from 12″ of snow and ice the past couple days. I was pretty happy, though, as Indiana University canceled classes for the first time since the 70’s. Here’s your weekly dose of PPC links … Happy Friday!

  • Brad Geddes gives us some helpful web-based tools to aid in your split testing. Brad highly suggests making sure you have enough data before making any important decisions. We agree!
  • I recapped SMN’s “Paid Seach for Big Sites, Big Brands” Webinar last week, and one main thing that was recommended was automated management software. Adam Goldberg from ClearSaleing gives us some advice about these products and whether or not you should implement them.
  • Google is King. Of search, that is. And is getting almost all search growth.  This graph from Marketing Pilgrim provides evidence, as if anyone actually doubted or even better, wanted to refute my claim.
  • Yahoo! is blogging to get back at other bloggers. Bloggity blog blog. Traffick.com has the story.
  • Further, this is the blog from Yahoo! that is creating the stir. If you notice, a good number of people just aren’t happy with Yahoo! about this situation.
  • Our friends over at Ion Interactive did a little testing on some Fortune 500 company landing pages, and to be nice, we not impressed. They give 5 helpful best practice guidelines for your landing pages. Take note and take advantage!
  • Visual Revenue tells how to use web analytics to properly optimize a thank you page. Definitely something to look into, as this is a critical spot for your marketing success, as well as a good time to really lure in your visitors.

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