PPC News Roundup for July 15, 2008

  • Scott over at Post-Click Marketing Blog frequently conjures very interesting metaphors for search marketing, and I love a good metaphor! In this post, Scott draws comparisons from post-notes and billboard and how they are a reflection of your PPC campaign elements.
  • Ashley over at Online Marketing blog has written a solid article on 5 Tips for Driving Qualified Traffic with Online Marketing. The article covers some tried-and-true methods such as know your audience, give them what they want, and choose the right keywords.
  • Katrina over at PushONline Marketing has a great post on the differences between Google analytics and Urchin. If you use either, you may find her post incredibly useful and interesting!
  • Jeremy from PPC Discussions has written a post on the accuracy of the new Google Adwords keyword tool feature that is showing numbers of actual searches performed per keyword level. A test he performed showed Google was surprisingly within 5% of what his June keyword impressions were. Nice Google!

2018 AdWords Updates: Notes, Add-Ons & Optimize

Google has been busy recently making several updates to the features and policies for AdWords.  Get the latest AdWords updates on the Add-On for Google Sheets, the Notes feature in the new UI, Account Deactivation, and linking to Google Optimize.