As the end of the month nears, some of us have found ourselves running on a low budget.  Unfortunately, lower budget often translates to low traffic.  According to Jason Tabeling, this isn’t always the case.  Check out these tips on avoiding lost impression share due to budget.

Take advantage of Google’s Ad Sitelinks in your campaign. If you aren’t already aware, Dan Friedman of the Inside AdWords crew reminds us that you can now turn Sitelinks on without waiting for your campaign to pre-qualify.  Sitelinks ad value to your brand terms and provide for more relevant ads.  The option is under your Campaign Settings tab. You should consider turning it on and keeping your ads relevant across the campaign.

Creating negatives can be an important part of maximizing your PPC. But sometimes coming up with a list can be a bit tedious. Try using the WordStream’s new free negative Keyword tool to help speed up the process. WordStreams Negative Keyword tool is a lot like the Google Keyword tool, except is has a simple interface, is easy to use, and is built with negative keywords in mind. Just type in your keyword and out pop the negatives. It also allows you to upload straight to AdWords, or email the list as an excel file, so go ahead and have the interns do the dirty work and just send it to you.

Proper set-up and management of your PPC campaigns is vitally important to ensure you have a profitable and high ROI PPC campaign. Without effective bid management and ongoing testing of ads and landing pages the campaign will soon be nothing more than an expensive traffic delivery method. Google AdWords is currently the prominent PPC resource available today. Understanding some of the ways to optimize your AdWords campaigns can cut costs, open opportunities, and increase profits.

Facebook wants to go one step further than Google, and as such has declared war. Though is this a war Facebook really wants to wage? One way in which content is ranked is via the like function. It’s an interesting concept but how far will this go. They may have the PPC side down but not the search.