PPC News Roundup for March 12, 2008

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • Jeremey Mays from PPC Discussions posts a very helpful and insightful Adwords Quality Score FAQ. Questions range from ‘how can I improve my quality score?’ to ‘is having flash on my site bad for my quality score?’
  • Matt Lester at Search Engine Land has stripped down a successful search marketing campaign down to the basics. Sure, this post is general and each of these 10 topics could be a book by itself, but if you’re just getting started these are the big ideas you need to keep in mind.
  • It was Bon Jovi who taught me how to love, and now they are metaphor for successful internet marketing. These guys just never stop! Li Evans has written an entertaining and informative article about what Bon Jovi can teach all of us about successful SEM. Sure, it’s kind of a stretch but he has some good points.
  • Grokdotcom reviewed the Good, Bad and the Ugly PPC search results for a digital camera. They looked at the top three paid search results and the landing page experience. Basically, some really big mistakes were made and only one of the top three results actually took the searcher to the product!
  • Have you ever asked yourself, “How could I reverse engineer Google’s Content Network?” Well, probably not. But the Scrappy Business Idea Blog did just that and created a video showing their process. The process involves ad positioning in Gmail and making assumptions from that positioning. Good luck with this one!
  • This article over at the Search Marketing Standard does a great job of explaining Google’s complex keyword status descriptions. “Active” doesn’t always mean that your keyword is active… The author recommends (and so do I) that you check the magnifying lens next to your keyword for status validation.