Back! Had a great trip in Denver and Boulder, quite the beautiful area. Although, I did miss a big storm, as that came this week. I had to walk around in sunny, 70 degree weather. Woe is me. Enjoy the roundup this week.

  • Brad Geddes gives us some good advice on how to benchmark your keyword quality scores against your competition. Make sure to note the  initial quality score that your keyword is assigned!
  • Watch out for unpausing campaigns in Adwords – You might accidentally restore deleted campaigns as well! Google has made note of this bug, but be on the lookout nonetheless.
  • Microsoft AdCenter has improved their conversion tracking by allowing three new options. Long story short, they allows specifics as to how actions should be counted. Gordon Choi has the scoop.
  • Budget?  What budget? That’s the question John Ellis is asking this week.  “Spending PPC money just because the budget is set is bad marketing. Spite is a bad marketing strategy.”  Plain and simple – your budget shouldn’t dictate your PPC activities, your performance and stats should!
  • Copyblogger gives us some great hands on techniques to improve your landing pages. Lots’o design aspects, but that is certainly important for your users and will undoubtedly aid in reeling in those conversions.
  • Adwords has some new features relating to payment control, aimed to rid of late or missing payments. Read their blog, they have the details.
  • Straight from SES NY (acronyms rock), the TopRank Blog gives us 8 tips to boost SEM (more!) results. I like lists, and you should too.
  • More from Google, this time from the AdSense blog. Google has the goods on the new behavior targeting that they are testing out. Google also has many blogs.
  • Does adding relevant keywords in your display URL help? For example, SEO by the Sea gives us their take.