PPC News Roundup for May 14, 2010

Keywords are the basis of any solid PPC campaign but sometimes finding the right keywords is easier said than done.   The Giant List of keyword Tools is a valuable addition to any PPC toolbox, making keyword research a little less daunting and a little more productive.

As you probably already know, Yahoo and Microsoft are making plans to integrate.  Naturally, many advertisers are wondering how it will impact campaigns.  This q&a post helps users anticipate changes and plan accordingly.

Internet users are engaged and it’s a marketers dream. The willingness for consumers to share their affinities in the virtual space is providing a fresh new perspective in online marketing. With Facebook privacy concerns in the spotlight, Marty Weintraub insightfully evaluates the new potential for online marketers in contextual advertising. Learn how to get creative with demographic profiling and realize the future in radical user intelligence.

If you haven’t tested the new Adwords feature Search Funnels, Search Engine Guide has a helpful guide on which Search Funnel reports you should pay attention to. Assisted conversions, top paths and time are at the top of the list.

Personalized Training to Become a PPC Superhero

If you could divulge your biggest challenges in paid search advertising to an expert who is highly revered by industry peers, approved by 15 US & UK agency leaders, and a driving force in PPC innovation, would you?

10 New Ways to Optimize Paid Search with Call Intelligence

Mobile search drives billions of calls to business each year, and calls convert at a higher rate than digital leads. When properly optimized, calls can have a transformational impact on your bottom line. Join this webinar to learn tactical tips and smart strategies to boost...