PPC News Roundup for May 15, 2009

Dearest PPC Hero readers, my apologies for not getting the weekly roundup goodness to you sooner today. It’s been pretty hectic ’round these parts.

I guess I should also probably mention that this is my last day as a member of the PPC Hero team. I finished Grad School last week (HOORAH!!), and the time has come for me to move westward. It’s been a pleasure working with the team and sharing insights with you all.

Take care now!

  • Want to use a trademarked term you don’t own in your ad text? Own a trademarked term and don’t want anyone else to use it? Good news or bad news – starting June 15th, Google’s trademarked term policy for AdWords ads is changing. Basically if you sell a Name Brand ‘Something’ on an ad’s landing page, you can now use the Name Brand for that ‘Something’ in your ad. The change does NOT allow you to say “Name Brand Sucks” and direct searchers to your page about an Alternative Brand or anything of the sort. Maybe it won’t upset anyone too much (though see the growing list of links in their post for reactions). Use or get angry as you please.
  • That’s right, it’s a list of 10 Important Post-Click Marketing Tips from discussions at the Search Insider Summit. As Scott Brinker says, you know these things. But you probably also have 900 other things-to-remember-today cluttering up your brain, so it can’t hurt to review. Remind yourself of the science behind smart search marketing!
  • Noah Belson, Content Quality Analyst for Yahoo! Search Marketing, gives us 5 tips to help put the focus on our ads in light of spring specific events such as graduation and prom.
  • Josh Dreller from Search Engine Land asks, “Is your paid search account structure optimal?” You better believe it! Account structure is crucial for the success of your PPC campaigns. Some interesting reading here.
  • Microsoft gets a lot of bad publicity, especially from PPC’ers, but they must be doing something right. Oh, and Google is too.  Where you at Yahoo? (Hint … In a far away land)
  • I like CopyBlogger, and so should you. This piece focuses on writing copy for those with short attention spans. Hint, it could be useful for those pesksy ad texts. Or that SEO work you do (on the side of course).

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