Is Foursquare the next big place to advertise? I’ve heard some noise about it myself, and a post from Small Business Search Marketing also asks the questions. There are some coupons going around for those who are mayors of Starbucks, but surely ad space will be for sale soon – will it be PPC based?

If you aren’t managing your SEM accounts through a desktop editor, now is the time to start. The SEM desktop tools from Google, MSN, and Yahoo benefit you far greater than the online alternative.  Bulk updates, copy and paste functionality, and validating your changes before going live makes managing SEM account much more efficient. Take some time and learn about the big three desktop editors in this post from Search Engine Land.

How you structure your accounts is as important as the keywords that are in. Make sure you are thinking about how to organize your campaigns, settings to apply and where to set your bids before you upload. Here is a list of campaign best practices to make sure you are set up for success.

Here’s an interesting read from Search Engine Watch on Google wanting to get rid of bidding. He discusses how smart pricing, product listing ads and other tools within Google are trying to move away from the bid system. Do you agree with his conclusion?