PPC News Roundup for May 22, 2008

  • Still having trouble with the Google Adwords Quality score? Check out this cool video by Matthew Bredel from ‘Inside the Marketing Mind’ that goes in depth about what the quality score is, and how you can improve it within your account.
  • Writing ads with strong calls-to-action is one of those techniques every PPC advertiser should be using! In case you are new to what a call-to-action is, or are unsure of the best way to incorporate them into your PPC ads, check out this excellent post on calls-to-action at the adCenter blog.
  • The Search Engine Roundtable reported last week that Yahoo! advertisers were experiencing a “phenomenon” related to long tail keywords. The gist is that competitors were finding low traffic, long tail keywords and driving large numbers of impressions to skew CTR and lower that campaign’s overall quality. This sounds convoluted and unlikely. But I suppose if someone has been the target of serious click-fraud, it could be possible.
  • When it comes to making my PPC management life a little easier, I’ll take every bone thrown my direction! Yahoo recently announced a series of improvements to their search marketing interface. Sure, they are still leagues behind AdWords, but these small tweaks will make me like Yahoo just a little bit more.
  • Scott Brinker has written an article about implementing social networking on niche landing pages. The idea being that “targeted audiences of Long Tail landing pages could unleash tremendous value and synergy if they could connect with each other, à la social networking.” I see where Scott is coming from with these 7 points, and yes, connecting your audience with themselves can constitute trust with your site, and eventually lead to qualified leads, but I’m worried that your audience will connect with each other and not with you (i.e. never converting). However, for the right company, this could be a great strategy.
  • The evolution of video on the internet continues every day, and users are getting used to having information provided in video format. This post from PPC-Advice gives you some options on including video on your landing page. I will be testing video spots on one of my client’s landing pages soon so I’m excited to see how it turns out!

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