PPC News Roundup for May 23, 2007

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • This is a blinding flash of the obvious! If you want to improve your tracking ability and truly measure how well your online marketing is performing, give users an incentive to place the order online. This tip is a real jewel – don’t gloss over it just because it’s short.
  • Rim Kaufmann dissects the anatomy of an optimal PPC bid. There are 17 steps 26 footnotes so be prepared to put your thinking caps on!
  • ClearSaleing makes a good case for *not* getting rid of keywords just because they don’t result in a conversion. Broad keywords (like “saxophone”) help lead to a sale because the user often times starts their search with this because they simply don’t know how else to start their search. After they’ve researched a bit, they may search for specific keywords like “Selmer Eb Sopranino Saxophone 50”), which ultimately completes the sale because that’s exactly what they’re looking for. While the broad keyword won’t get credited with the sale, it started it so you shouldn’t delete it from your account. Unfortunately, they don’t give specific advice on how to track those “assist” keywords.