PPC News Roundup for November 7, 2007

  • Slight changes in your PPC ad copy can have a huge impact on your click-through rate and conversion rate. Want to see how revisions a PPC ad text increased conversions by 300%? MindValley Labs dissects their success and sheds some light on how they made this happen. Take note.
  • Google jumps, Yahoo slumps and MSN remains steady according to Rimm Kaufman’s search marketing spend share. I have also noticed that my Yahoo spending has been down but I haven’t noticed a significant increase in Google. What about you?
  • Google announced today that Site Targeting within AdWords will now be called Placement Targeting. In addition to the name change, they also opened CPC bidding to the masses. Prior to this launch, CPC site targeting was only in BETA testing.
  • Patrick Schaber (The Lonely Marketer) does a good job of comparing PPC to the classic sales process over at Search Engine Guide. His comparison explains how prospecting, bonding/rapport, up front contracts and “the close” all directly relate to PPC.

How to Drive Calls that Actually Convert

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