PPC News Roundup For November 7th, 2008

  • The fine folks over at Search Engine Guide have just finished up their 12 post guide to Keyword Research, Selection, and Organization. Good details, useful advice, check it out!
  • Included in the AdWords monthly budget beta? If so you should read Semvironments blog on the pros and cons of the new beta. They break down the pros and cons of each daily budget setting and monthly budget setting. Depending on how you like to run your campaigns, reading these will help set you up for success either method you choose.
  • Brad Geddes says, “Stop freaking out” in his blog about the new Google AdWords quality score update. He mentions that Google has simply updated their algorithm to be even more precise, but the methodology is the same, that CTR has always been normalized by position. Apparently people were under the impression that with this update from Google, the information they had received in the past from Google and Brad was incorrect. Brad’s response, “Don’t fret this one”.
  • This flowchart from PPC Blog offers some tips and several links for setting up a search engine marketing campaign. It has a lot of boxes, so it’s definitely a nice resource to look at whenever you are creating new campaigns.
  • There’s now another new player in the search metrics business, Comscore. What are they offering that might be new and helpful? PPC Advice takes a look.

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