PPC News Roundup for October 24, 2007

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • Gordon Choi lays out some solid guidelines for testing 2nd and 3rd tier PPC search engines in this post. His advice ranges from setting expectations and priorities, researching before choosing an engine and knowing when to call it quits.
  • This article is an example of a PPC strategy document, or a proposal. Shimon Sandler lays out his basic criteria for building an effective PPC campaign for a client. While he hits most of the major points, the biggest thing that is missing is customization. This plan seems to me to be geared for a “set it and forget it” PPC campaign.
  • Is it a Conspiracy Theory or Truth that Google Adwords at times will deliver irrelevant organic ads to make more money off pay-per-click ads? Well, that’s what some are expressing in this post referencing a Web Master World post.
  • 72% of Americans suffer from Search Engine Fatigue?! This post gives us some interesting stats on how many Americans get frustrated with their search engine results. One stats reports that 65% of Americans have spent more than two hours searching for a topic in one sitting, wow!

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