PPC News Roundup for September 17, 2008

By Pete Hall
  • Over on Search Engine Land Brad Geddes has written a good post on the top three search engine payment options for PPC. We think it’s good for people to read over this and to learn their options on how they should pay their PPC bills. Brad talks about the levels of risk for each payment option but also goes into the rewards details. A lot of people don’t know about invoicing and the requirements to get your client on invoicing, so that topic is of particular interest if you have clients that don’t like using credit cards.
  • Are you having trouble getting conversions from your landing pages? The folks over at Ion Interactive offer up some helpful tips to innovate and iterate your landing pages. Further, the timing and scheduling of it all is detailed in this post.
  • PPC-Advice blog has posted a good article that will show you 3 easy steps you can do to maximize click-through rate in PPC ads. This are pretty grounded, basic tips but with all of the elements of a complex PPC campaign moving at once, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and think about the basics.
  • Google is not just a gigantic, ominous machine with cogs and levers – there are actual people who review your PPC ads. Yes, real-live people. SearchEngineWatch published the details on how live-people interact with your ads.
  • Extra, Extra! AdWords works! Errrr … Well, check out this data they released about Sprint’s PPC efforts in the mobile phone industry, courtesy of Marketing Pilgrim. A little more information would be nice, Google statisticians. Is this all just a clever ploy to increase customers? Most likely.
  • Calls to action are crucial to your campaigns, as we all know. Incorporating active verbs is essential to these calls to action. Pay Per Click Journal offers some advice on how to utilize action verbs to increase traffic and ultimately, conversions. This post is short and sweet, just the way we like it.

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