PPC News Roundup for September 19, 2007

  • John W Ellis discusses how you can reverse engineer your marketing message development. Instead of developing a new brand/product message, and then inserting it into your PPC campaign; you should test your possible messages within your PPC campaign and let your audience decide which one appeals to them most. Then take this data apply it to your SEM/SEO and offline marketing efforts.
  • In this tale of a trip through an exhibition hall, The Lonely Marketer reminds us of the power of multiple impression advertising. It’s an impressive feat to go from a schwag bag to “Engaging the customer at each point in their buying process dramatically improves your chances of a conversion.”
  • Jeremy Mays at PPCDiscussions takes a good look at this report by the AdWords Blog on landing page quality score. His remarks carefully point out that some of the references made by the AdWords team are “relative” and that those terms could be applied to some of Google’s own products/pages.

How to Drive Calls that Actually Convert

Our experts are here to explain how gaining call tracking data can help you close the gap in your customer journey and tailor their experience so they actually convert.

Analyzing the AdWords Distance Report

The distance report provides a unique view of your geographic data. The report helps users understand how distance from a location impacts search ad performance.