• Using multiple campaigns to break up your PPC efforts is generally a smart principal that we adhere to. Nikki Kuhlman over at JumpFly reminds us why this is a good idea to consider in your pay-per-click strategies. You may already be well aware of this technique, but a refresher never hurts!
  • This short-but-sweet post from search engine genie suggests how you can increase your landing page relevancy . A quick read, this blog offers another handy refresher, which we know can help you in your own campaigns.
  • When it comes to your landing page you have to test everything. Test, test, test and then test more! The Mind Valley Lab folks understand this method very well. Mike at the Mind Valley Blog posted an interesting article on a call-to-action button test they recently conducted. This goes to show that every element of your landing page is extremely important.
  • Want to know more about AdWords Editor? The Google AdWords Agency blog has announced the release of a new guide for AdWords Editor, their account management tool. The guide is available as a 2 page PDF Download and offers a quick review of the product as well as a cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Quick reminder to mark your calendars!! The AdWords Editor Team will be hosting an ‘Optimizing in AdWords Editor’ webinar on Thursday, September 11 at 10am PDT. The session will cover AdWords Editor tips and tricks related to the following topics:
  1. ROI best practices
  2. Improving and maintaining account health
  3. Using different ad formats
  • This webinar is geared towards AdWords Editor power users or those who have attended our Advanced Editor Webinar. You can register here, or join the session at its start time by using the ‘Join Event   Now’ entry field on the same page.
  • Apparently Google Checkout is everywhere, according to Giovanna at PPCBlog. Giovanna writes about the positives of using Google checkout, one being free sales processing for up to 10 times your monthly AdWords spend. But most importantly, the checkout badge you get to use on your PPC ads that can really make you stand apart from your competitors. Giovanna also mentions the $5 off coupon added to some of the badges which should really help increase your click-through rates and convert more people.
  • With all of the Quality Score that Google AdWords measures, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember which aspects of your account affect each score. Brad Geddes has crafted a handy-dandy chart to help keep it all straight.