PPC News Roundup for Thursday 7/02/2009

    • Google Adwords clicks are actually accurate? According to the Inside Adwords blog theMedia Rating Council has accredited Adwords in regards to their click measurement systems. I didn’t even know there was a Media Rating Council!  They say Google’s click measurement technology meets the industry standards for counting interactive advertising clicks and that it’s processes supporting this technology are accurate. Go Google.
    • If you liked the keyword extraction and keyword suggestion tools from last week, then you are going to love this second post in a series from Katrina Morris of the Microsoft adCenter Blog and Forum Community, focusing on Microsoft Advertising Intelligence. Specifically, she touches on using the traffic and demographic tools for market trends.
    • Writing effective, successful PPC ads is no easy task. Whether you’re new to the game or have been doing it for a while, moving beyond the space, character, and other limitations can be daunting. Here are some great tips and pitfalls to keep in mind when trying to make a strong impression with your ppc ads.
    • Relevant, targeted keywords are a basic staple of any healthy PPC diet. Ravi, from OnlineMarketer, has an interesting article that discusses ppc account history, quality score, keyword performance, and the best way to proceed if you find yourself needing to move a keyword from one campaign or ad group to another.
    • Warm weather = vacation and shopping! Make sure you gear up for the season and optimize your ads with the appropriate amount of summer love! Here are some tips from Noah Belson of the YSM Blog for enhancing the quality of your ads during this busy summer season.
    • Google Ad Planner has a new look… And it looks good! Amanda Kelly, from Inside AdWords gives us an overview of the new look and features of Google Ad Planner.

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    Analyzing the AdWords Distance Report

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