PPC News Roundup for March 6, 2009

By Pete Hall

Lovely weather. 60’s. Love it. Hope your winter is showing signs of going away as well *unless of course, you like winter*. Happy Friday as well, here’s the blogs for the weekly roundup.

  • Brad Geddes gives us some advice on how to write ad texts. Basically, pay attention to what you’re writing! Beware of copping out with DKI.
  • Blend these three forms of optimization together for a killer internet marketing campaign, according to Portent Interactive. Good advice people, there is more to life than just PPC!
  • Here we have more insight into the new AdWords interface, courtesy of Redfly Marketing. The focus? The one, the only, the content network.
  • On Wednesday, Google announced expandable rich media ads for the content network. If I were a betting man, I would bet on these becoming another tool in our Search Engine Marketing arsenal. Thankfully, I’m not much of a gambler 😉
  • In addition to Amber’s post on Yahoo! additions, Yahoo! Web Analytics is getting a face lift. Dennis from Visual Revenue has the inside scoop, as well, he’s the one that did it.
  • It seems like Social Media marketing just won’t die anytime soon. Take a look at this poll conducted by TopRank – It’s #1! PPC clocks in at 7th place. Hmm. Sure, the new stuff is exciting, but don’t forget the ROI that PPC has to offer.

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