It’s been a long road to the final four for our marketing tools this year.  Some have been instant game changers for clients while some have adopted the “better luck next season” philosophy.   But we carry on!  We extend our reach with these tools and not only continue shooting the easy lay ups but push harder for the amazing half court shots.  Hopefully you will draft some of these winning players for your client’s roster in the near future and give them a shot at the big time.

If you missed any part of our series this week, here is a player high light reel:

Pinterest – Dave talks about how to promote your brand in one of the hottest spaces on the web.

Facebook – Felicia talks about the good, the bad and the somewhat ugly (think Dennis Rodman) facets of Facebook.  Learn how your campaigns can bring in more conversions at a lower cost than Google…

LinkedIn – Kayla talks about this platform as the engine that has the best hook shot for grabbing the professional marketplace through PPC.

Amazon Product Ads – Sarah wraps it up with Amazon for your e-comm accounts that can take your PPC efforts to a whole new level of play.

Thanks for reading our monthly series.  Let us know which of these marketing tools you think would win the Final Four.  Don’t make us get all Bobby Knight on you!