March is the month for brackets and more brackets on top of other brackets. I usually have 3 or 4 every year, myself. We’re running our second annual Search Marketing Madness competition on the blog this month, but we wanted to spread the bracket love to some lesser-known engines, too!

The Final Four we’ve selected are not necessarily paid search options, but they are all capable of increasing your audience and saturation of your marketplace. Our coaching staff of Account Managers is going to give you the run down on the following four engines, with information about how to get started on and manage the engines, and even some results we’ve seen from using them.

Bart Simpson Final Four

Lace those tennis shoes up tight, everybody. It’s full-court press time and we’re going to get serious. Had enough basketball puns yet? Good! Me neither!

Monday: Pinterest – Dave

Tuesday: Facebook – Felicia

Wednesday: LinkedIn – Kayla

Thursday: Amazon – Sarah

Friday: Series Wrap-Up

Make sure you leave a comment below and let us know who you’re picking as the winner before the games begin Monday!